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Posted at 01:32 PM ET, 10/29/2013

‘X-MEN’: 5 Takeaways from today’s new‘Days of Future Past’ trailer

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: 5 takeaways from today’s new trailer for Bryan Singer’s return sequel.

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Posted at 01:23 PM ET, 05/22/2012

MARVEL ANNOUNCES ‘X-MEN’s’ GAY WEDDING: Does this mean mainstream comics are ‘evolving’?

COMIC RIFFS | Marvel has announced an upcoming gay wedding in “Astonishing X-Men.”

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Posted at 02:03 PM ET, 07/24/2011

‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ tops box office with $65.8M debut to complete Marvel sweep

Marvel completes summer sweep as “First Avenger” grosses $65.8M domestically to become third Marvel film of season to win a weekend.

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Posted at 10:52 AM ET, 06/13/2011

MONDAY MORNING ROUNDUP: Of the Tonys, Reubens, Comic-Con and Neil Gaiman himself

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Posted at 01:56 PM ET, 06/05/2011

BOX OFFICE: ‘X-Men: First Class’ debut wins weekend with less-than-magnetic $56M

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