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Posted at 01:09 PM ET, 07/25/2011

Amy Winehouse and our celebrity death obsession

The last acts of public lives

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Posted at 08:40 PM ET, 04/06/2011

Bristol Palin makes WHAT to speak about abstinence?

I can also speak about something I have not done!

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Posted at 01:01 PM ET, 03/23/2011

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor: From Burton to diamonds, we cared

Why we cared so much

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Posted at 05:38 PM ET, 02/02/2011

Anderson Cooper attacked? Forget the protests -- this is news!

In Cairo, Molotov cocktails have reportedly been tossed at the Egyptian Museum. A wave of looters broke into King Tut's treasury, damaging pharaonic artifacts that archaeologists call priceless. Items that have survived for millennia smash and shatter, falling victim to...

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Posted at 09:09 AM ET, 02/02/2011

Groundhog Day 2011 results: Spring!

Whenever I try to write about Groundhog Day, I always get the creeping sense that it's been done before... "Did the groundhog see his shadow?" everyone asks. "Will Mubarak remain in office for seven more months?" I'm sorry, that's not...

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