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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 02/24/2014

The most important paragraph from Alec Baldwin’s farewell to public life

As he resigns from public life.

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Posted at 04:44 PM ET, 11/07/2013

10 famous mean book reviews, edited for Buzzfeed Books’ new positive-only policy

Cut it out, Mark!

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Posted at 08:17 PM ET, 09/27/2013

Why that Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West shout-down on Twitter matters

The new landscape unfurls.

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Posted at 08:08 AM ET, 09/12/2013

Pax Dickinson and How Not To Be, online or anywhere else

And where you work.

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Posted at 02:55 PM ET, 09/04/2013

Baby’s First Twitter, because the world is terrible


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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 12/04/2012

In defense of the bathroom smartphone user

It was your own fault for not letting us use them at the table.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 09/08/2011

James Hoffa and the Tea Party Zombies Must Die — indignation? Indignation? Bueller?

Something just broke.

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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 07/18/2011

Facebook? Google+? Twitter? Which social network are you?

Google+? Facebook? A handy flow chart.

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Posted at 09:18 AM ET, 01/11/2011


Everyone is shouting. It starts innocently enough. You see someone else shouting. "Stop shouting!" you say. He doesn't stop. "Stop shouting!" you insist, more loudly. "You need to stop shouting and be quiet!" Suddenly you find that you are shouting,...

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