DC Sports Bog: Dale Hunter

Posted at 10:16 AM ET, 02/25/2014

Turtlenecks, short shorts and other finds from old Caps media guides

Al Iafrate’s short shorts, two seasons’ worth of turtlenecks and more finds from old Caps media guides.

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Posted at 12:21 PM ET, 11/09/2012

Ben Olsen joins elite group of D.C. player/coaches

Near as I can tell, only three men have ever won a professional playoff round as both a player and a coach in D.C.

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Posted at 08:21 AM ET, 05/16/2012

Dale Hunter gets a standing ovation at Front Page

Caps ex-coach makes a visit to a local eatery, and leaves to cheers, possibly for the last time. Not to be morbid.

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Posted at 10:41 AM ET, 05/15/2012

Morning pixels: Do the Caps need to be entertaining?

Should the Caps consider entertainment value in hiring their next coach? At least one expert says yes.

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Posted at 09:47 AM ET, 05/07/2012

Morning pixels: Natitude takes over

For most of a three-day weekend, the Nats’ marketing slogan was an inescapable buzzword. That’s a marketing win.

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Posted at 04:59 PM ET, 05/03/2012

Alan May takes on Pierre McGuire and Barry Melrose

Comcast SportsNet analyst tells ESPN 980 that ‘a lot of people make things up just so they’ve got something to talk about.’

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Posted at 01:04 PM ET, 04/19/2012

Matt Hendricks says the Bruins are targeting Backstrom’s head

Caps forward says he’s seen Backstrom’s helmet ripped off three or four times in the first three games against Boston.

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Posted at 02:03 PM ET, 04/18/2012

Cam Neely says Bruins not targeting Backstrom’s head

Bruins president also describes Backstrom’s end-of-game crosscheck as ‘pretty nasty.’

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Posted at 09:28 AM ET, 04/09/2012

Morning pixels: Dale Hunter and Boston

Caps boss was at the center of one of the most contentious postseason battles involving Washington and Boston.

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Posted at 03:52 PM ET, 03/28/2012

I told LaVar Arrington that Caps thing would happen

Here is a stunningly compelling video clip in which I warned LaVar Arrington the Caps could lose 5-0 to the Sabres

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Posted at 12:01 AM ET, 03/06/2012

Washington is actually America’s coaching graveyard, study confirms

USA Today analysis shows that D.C. coaches have the shortest tenure of any two-sport town in the country.

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Posted at 12:34 PM ET, 03/01/2012

George McPhee on Alex Ovechkin’s weight

Caps GM says his superstar has dropped 18 pounds from his maximum weight.

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Posted at 09:48 AM ET, 02/14/2012

What did Joel Rechlicz say to the Sharks?

Caps enforcer person earned 10 minutes for shouting on Monday night; Brooks Laich talks about it on Tuesday morning.

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