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Posted at 01:09 PM ET, 02/21/2014

Ernie Grunfeld on Kendall Marshall and Shelvin Mack

Wizards GM talks about two of the backup point guards who got away, thanks to Grunfeld.

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 11/06/2013

Best images and quotes from ESPN’s ‘Bernie and Ernie’

The well-done documentary was full of wonderful basketball gear from the ‘70s.

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Posted at 11:26 AM ET, 09/25/2013

Reporter asks Leonsis about Ernie Grunfeld

Many fans grouse that Ted Leonsis is too patient with his general managers. One reporter put that question to the owner.

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Posted at 12:28 PM ET, 05/24/2013

Best Week in Washington Sports: Ernie Grunfeld

The Wizards GM is sitting on a gem of a draft pick.

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Posted at 12:10 PM ET, 05/22/2013

Ernie Grunfeld says this is a 'three-player draft'

Don't tell the Wizards' GM that this is a two-player draft in which he'll be picking third. He'll tell you to add one to your calculations.

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Posted at 01:05 PM ET, 04/15/2013

On the Wizards and optimism

The Wizards have been optimistic for the past few weeks. This is something of an annual tradition 'round here.

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Posted at 03:55 PM ET, 10/25/2012

Bill Simmons rips the Wizards

ESPN.com columnist says he's 'stupefied' by the personnel choices made by Ernie Grunfeld and Ted Leonsis.

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Posted at 12:05 PM ET, 05/30/2012

Zach Leonsis’s good luck charms

Wizards’ rep at Wednesday’s draft lottery will have two wedding bands and a Greek trinket in his pocket.

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Posted at 10:21 AM ET, 04/24/2012

Morning pixels: The Ernie Grunfeld era continues

With the Wizards’ front-office leader back for another season, let’s remember the coverage when he was first hired.

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Posted at 09:10 AM ET, 04/13/2012

Morning pixels: Teddy loses again

MORNING PIXELS | Everything was great about Nats opening day, except ...

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