DC Sports Bog: Grant Paulsen

Posted at 09:22 AM ET, 01/06/2014

Grant Paulsen’s road to 106.7 The Fan host

How Grant Paulsen went from child star to most beloved member of the Redskins press corps to midday host.

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Posted at 07:59 AM ET, 12/30/2013

Grant Paulsen joins WJFK mid-day show

Well-liked Redskins beat reporter to co-host mid-day show with Danny Rouhier.

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Posted at 01:59 PM ET, 11/14/2013

RGIII clowns Grant Paulsen

Robert Griffin III made a funny at his press conference on Wednesday, and it was awesome.

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Posted at 04:07 PM ET, 07/08/2013

Grant Paulsen's creepy goodbye to Matt Hendricks

Media members loved Matt Hendricks. Here's one wishing he could ride around in a car, whispering sweet nothings into Hendricks's ear.

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Posted at 01:32 PM ET, 04/26/2012

Robert Griffin III on love and the Shanahans

Future Skins QB compares his relationship with his new coaches to a radio reporter putting the moves on pretty girls.

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