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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 02/27/2014

When Davey Johnson told John Lannan he was being sent down

John Feinstein’s new book on minor league baseball has a long passage about the former Nats pitcher.

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Posted at 01:26 PM ET, 10/22/2013

John Feinstein and Gary Williams discuss wine in Calvert-Woodley circular

Legendary college basketball coach, legendary college basketball scribe talk wine. Feinstein reveals his nickname is “Chardonnay Boy.“

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Posted at 01:19 PM ET, 09/26/2013

Loverro objects to incestuous Washington Post praise

Longtime radio host and local sports writer thinks The Post sports staff offers too much internal praise. I hate Rick Maese.

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Posted at 09:20 AM ET, 09/25/2013

Davey Johnson on John Feinstein and the Shutdown

Nats outgoing manager says John Feinstein is an idiot, but that the Nats ‘probably’ would have beaten the Cardinals in 2012 had Strasburg not been shut down.

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Posted at 11:53 AM ET, 08/02/2013

Feinstein on Wall's contract

In a CBS Radio spot, the Post columnist wonders about the Wizards extension.

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Posted at 11:21 AM ET, 07/26/2013

John Feinstein on the Kastles' win streak

Columnist and radio show host does not believe the Kastles should be mentioned with the Lakers, and does not like Mark Ein.

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Posted at 02:05 PM ET, 05/13/2013

John Feinstein says Daniel Snyder 'knows no shame'

CBS Sports Radio host says the Redskins owner should watch “42” before deciding on team’s name.

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Posted at 05:09 PM ET, 01/08/2013

Feinstein still skeptical of the Shanahans

Here is John Feinstein saying mean things about Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 12/19/2012

John Feinstein warms up for CBS Radio show on 106.7 The Fan

John Feinstein will host local radio shows this month, but that doesn't mean he'll be a permanent host for 106.7 The Fan.

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Posted at 01:24 PM ET, 12/07/2012

Gary Williams told John Feinstein he'd take the Wizards job

Some people questioned whether the former Maryland coach would have any interest in the Wizards job. Wonder no longer.

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Posted at 03:27 PM ET, 10/17/2012

Feinstein: Nats would have won with Strasburg

More columnist on columnist violence, as John Feinstein accuses Thomas Boswell of drinking Nats Kool-Aid.

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Posted at 03:08 PM ET, 10/15/2012

Ken Rosenthal has a problem with The Post

Veteran baseball reporter wasn't impressed with how this paper handled its Strasburg Shutdown coverage

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Posted at 09:44 AM ET, 08/09/2012

Morning pixels: Heath Shuler’s preseason (home) debut

With RGIII on the verge of his first preseason action, here’s a quick look back at Heath Shuler’s opening (home) disaster.

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Posted at 01:53 PM ET, 06/12/2012

John Feinstein, John Wall and a Wizards trade proposal

Award-winning sports writer proposes the Wizards trade down for additional starters and take Kendall Marshall.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 04/23/2012

Jayson Werth on Washington as a sports town

Nats outfielder Jayson Werth talks to John Feinstein about what his new home is like as a sports town, and Washington’s relationship with the Nats.

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Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 03/06/2012

John Feinstein gets a radio show

Washington Post contributor becomes the third former or current Post columnist with a late-morning daily radio show.

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Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 02/10/2012

Why would Peyton Manning want to play for the Redskins?

Old friends John Feinstein and Jason LaCanfora agree: he wouldn’t.

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