DC Sports Bog: Joshua Morgan

Posted at 02:09 PM ET, 01/28/2014

Joshua Morgan: 2013 Redskins weren’t about football

Redskins wide receiver remains bitter toward Mike Shanahan. Like, super bitter toward Mike Shanahan.

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Posted at 03:11 PM ET, 01/15/2014

Redskins’ Joshua Morgan says Mike Shanahan wouldn’t meet with him

Benched wide receiver says he never got an explanation for why he fell out of favor with the coaching staff last season.

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Posted at 02:36 PM ET, 08/15/2013

Rico Felix, his prosthetic leg and RGIII

A 13-year old from D.C. talks about why his prosthetic leg has an image of the Redskins quarterback.

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Posted at 02:49 PM ET, 02/26/2013

Joshua Morgan, holding up Lamont Peterson's boxing belt

Friday Night Fights brought an ESPN broadcast to D.C., and let Joshua Morgan hoist a championship belt in front of fight fans.

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Posted at 09:01 AM ET, 02/05/2013

Morning Pixels: RGIII says he'll keep himself safe

Rehabbing quarterback tells Larry Michael that 'everyone has a valid point' about his injuries, which probably isn't true.

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Posted at 12:15 AM ET, 12/31/2012

Joshua Morgan: Cowboys tried to Deebo the Skins

Redskins receiver says the Cowboys got in their personal space, so the receivers had to send a message.

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Posted at 01:40 PM ET, 12/10/2012

Why Richard Crawford slowed down on his punt return

Newest Redskins hero explains why he attempted to cut back against the Ravens punter Sunday afternoon.

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Posted at 11:01 AM ET, 09/25/2012

Mike Shanahan ‘really disappointed’ in AP reporter

Redskins coach did not appreciate a Monday question comparing his son to Joshua Morgan.

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Posted at 09:40 AM ET, 09/04/2012

Morning pixels: Morgan compares RGIII to Manning, Brady and Vick

Keep the expectations low? Nah. Send the expectations way into outer space.

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Posted at 03:08 PM ET, 06/07/2012

Redskins players respond to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s claim, say team belongs to the DMV

Despite what the governor says, locally grown Redskins players say the team belongs to the DMV.

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