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Posted at 09:55 AM ET, 07/29/2013

Kastles, Capitals, DJ Kool, etc.

Sounds like another wild time was had by all at the Wharf on Sunday night.

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Posted at 11:21 AM ET, 07/26/2013

John Feinstein on the Kastles' win streak

Columnist and radio show host does not believe the Kastles should be mentioned with the Lakers, and does not like Mark Ein.

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Posted at 04:57 PM ET, 07/12/2013

Best Week in Washington Sports: Mark Ein

A hotly debated record streak is why Mark Ein is having the best week.

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Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 07/11/2013

Wilbon defends the Kastles' win streak

Should the Kastles really be compared with the Lakers? Well, Michael Wilbon is friends with Mark Ein.

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Posted at 09:23 AM ET, 07/10/2013

The Kastles, the Lakers and winning streaks

"We made history. Tonight is magic," Kastles coach Murphy Jensen said of the team’s victory.

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Posted at 11:50 AM ET, 07/09/2013

Michelle Obama watches Washington Kastles tie winning streak record

First lady Michelle Obama brings good vibes to the Wharf as she watches the Kastles make history.

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Posted at 10:01 AM ET, 07/03/2013

Kastles' custom Nike shoes include D.C. tribute

The Kastles will hit the court on Monday in some custom Nikes.

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Posted at 03:13 PM ET, 03/18/2013

Washington Kastles link themselves with Miami Heat

Sure, the Miami Heat have won many games in a row, but as ESPN pointed out, they aren't in Kastles territory yet.

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Posted at 02:22 PM ET, 01/25/2013

D.C. bus ad salutes Nats, United and Kastles

Events DC takes out bus ad proclaiming 'Politics isn't the ONLY sport in town."

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Posted at 09:50 AM ET, 07/23/2012

Venus Williams as a patriotic Princess Leia

Helping the Kastles win their 10 millionth match in a row, the tennis superstar shows off her Olympic locks.

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