DC Sports Bog: Roger Goodell

Posted at 04:09 PM ET, 01/22/2014

Redskins’ Nick Sundberg goes at Roger Goodell on extra points

Long snapper offers a passionate defense of the extra point.

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Posted at 10:12 AM ET, 10/10/2013

Dexter Manley saw Roger Goodell on a StairMaster

Legendary talker Dexter Manley ran into the NFL commissioner and some owners working out in the Ritz-Carlton gym.

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Posted at 04:00 PM ET, 09/11/2013

Roger Goodell on the Redskins name

NFL commissioner takes a more nuanced tone on the Redskins name debate during an interview on 106.7 The Fan.

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Posted at 09:59 AM ET, 06/13/2013

Wilbon: Goodell's support for Redskins name is 'gutless'

ESPN commentators and former Post columnists slam NFL commissioner over his support for the Redskins name.

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Posted at 11:50 AM ET, 02/26/2013

Roger Goodell on the Redskins' cap penalties (Video)

Here's a six-month old video in which the NFL commissioner explains why the Redskins were penalized for actions during the uncapped year.

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Posted at 04:25 PM ET, 10/31/2012

Roger Goodell on DeAngelo Hall

NFL commissioner, asked about Hall's on-field dispute with officials, says 'we have very strong rules in this area, and we’re going to enforce them aggressively.'

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Posted at 07:36 PM ET, 08/06/2012

Dan Snyder on the fan experience

He wants to improve it so fans don’t prefer watching at home.

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Posted at 10:57 AM ET, 04/27/2012

Video of fans reacting to RGIII pick

At FedEx Field, and at a downtown bar, fans erupted in cheers when Robert Griffin III’s name was called.

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Posted at 04:17 PM ET, 03/27/2012

Fred Smoot on Roger Goodell and Phillip Daniels

Talkative ex-cornerback says Goodell is running a dictatorship, and Daniels ‘ran his mouth too much.’

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