DC Sports Bog: Vincent Gray

Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 07/22/2013

Vincent Gray lobbies for all-star game in Washington

Mayor devotes his weekly radio address to the pursuit of an All-Star game in the District.

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Posted at 03:28 PM ET, 03/20/2013

Vincent Gray says the Redskins 'belong in the city'

D.C. mayor also tells LaVar and Dukes that he thinks the Wizards should not revert to their prior nickname.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 03/11/2013

P.G. County Executive declines to use 'Redskins' name in interview

Asked about the 'Redskins' name, Rushern Baker laughs, gives a vague answer, and declines to use the team name repeatedly.

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Posted at 10:07 AM ET, 02/06/2013

Vincent Gray won't say 'Redskins' in State of the District address

Many of you are completely sick and tired of anything having to do with the Redskins nickname. So don't read this, ok?

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 01/10/2013

Vincent Gray honors Redskins bet with Seattle mayor

The mayor is now 0-for2 on playoff bets.

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Posted at 09:52 AM ET, 10/30/2012

Morning Pixels: Mike Shanahan through 40 games

The first 40 games of Mike Shanahan's tenure do not match up well against other 40-game spells in Redskins history.

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Posted at 05:59 PM ET, 09/06/2012

Vincent Gray on the possibility of a Nats-Orioles World Series

D.C. mayor says a Parkway Series ‘would be absolutely phenomenal for many reasons.’

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Posted at 07:37 PM ET, 06/10/2012

RGIII dressed as a policeman for an Adidas ad

Redskins rookie quarterback hits two downtown D.C. spots over the weekend, in an elaborate Adidas film shoot.

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Posted at 11:06 AM ET, 05/03/2012

Vincent Gray declares ‘Natitude Weekend’ in D.C.

With the much-hyped Phillies series finally here, Washington’s mayor gets in on the hype.

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Posted at 12:07 PM ET, 03/23/2012

Vincent Gray wants Redskins to live in D.C.

Mayor appears at a community meeting about the possibility of a Skins training facility in Southeast.

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Posted at 01:40 PM ET, 02/27/2012

Marion Barry says a Redskins return to D.C. is ‘fantasy land’

WTOP’s Mark Segraves, meanwhile, says D.C. officials feel they’re ‘closer than they’ve ever been’ to getting a piece of the Skins.

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Posted at 07:41 PM ET, 02/14/2012

Peyton Manning to the Redskins doesn’t excite Vincent Gray

D.C. mayor says the Redskins ‘need a quarterback that they can build with for the future.’

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