Dr. Gridlock: Airlines

Posted at 11:48 AM ET, 03/06/2014

House bill gives airlines flexibility in advertising ticket prices

Congress wants to reverse USDOT rule that requires bottom-line fares in advertising.

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Posted at 07:43 AM ET, 02/12/2014

Amtrak service suspended, flights canceled because of winter storm

Amtrak suspends service on some of its lines in NE. As winter storm comes, train service and airlines impacted.

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Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 11/22/2013

Not so fat vs. not so fast

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Posted at 04:15 PM ET, 11/21/2013

FCC to propose allowing cellphone calls during flights

Travelers can now keep their phones on throughout flights. Soon, they may be able to make cellphone calls and access data during flights.

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Posted at 01:13 PM ET, 10/31/2013

FAA to allow gate-to-gate use of personal electronics

Air travelers will soon be able to use their tablets and other electronic devices from gate to gate, the Federal Aviation Administration announced Thursday.

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Posted at 12:19 PM ET, 10/28/2013

Change fees: Big-ticket item for airlines

Airlines collected $719 million in ticket change fees, cancellations in 2nd quarter.

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Posted at 10:27 AM ET, 10/28/2013

Grab those Turkey-Day airline tickets now

“Thanksgiving airfares are on the rise, and each day that you dilly-dally around and fail to book will cost you five dollars more.“

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Posted at 12:33 PM ET, 10/23/2013

It’s BWI in a photo finish

BWI airport had region’s most on-time flights in August, with Dulles International and Reagan National close behind.

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Posted at 12:06 PM ET, 10/04/2013

Due to the shutdown, you must continue to shut down

Shutdown delays FAA decision on recommendations that some electronic device use be allowed during take off and landing

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Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 09/30/2013

Airline profits soared in second quarter

After lean years, the big airlines are seeing profits on the increase, helped by baggage and ticket change fees

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Posted at 12:50 PM ET, 09/25/2013

When to buy that plane ticket

Airlines constantly adjust ticket prices as they gamble on supply and demand

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Posted at 11:38 AM ET, 09/23/2013

Flight insurance may not be a bargain

Consumer group warns travelers to read the fine print when they buy flight insurance

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Posted at 12:41 PM ET, 09/18/2013

International travelers face long delays at U.S. airports

International flyers are waiting in line for hours to clear U.S. customs

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Posted at 01:33 PM ET, 09/03/2013

United Airlines fined for failing to make prompt refunds

United Airlines was cited by federal officials for failing to make prompt refunds to customers and for its handling of animals on some flights.

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Posted at 03:40 PM ET, 08/21/2013

AA flight attendents add wine pairing to their repertorie

American Airlines' flight attendants can now help you choose a wine to accompany your meal.

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Posted at 06:40 PM ET, 06/21/2013

Flight from National Airport to Miami diverted to Dulles

An American Airlines flight departing Reagan National Airport on Friday afternoon was diverted to Dulles International Airport due to an unusual odor in the cockpit.

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Posted at 03:32 PM ET, 05/07/2013

Southwest to begin service from Reagan National to Houston

DOT officials said Southwest's proposal would provide new low-fare service and enhance airline competition in the D.C.-Houston market.

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Posted at 02:57 PM ET, 04/16/2013

American Airlines flights grounded for hours [Updated]

All American Airlines flights are grounded until 5 p.m. due to an issue involving the airline's reservation system.

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Posted at 04:13 PM ET, 04/11/2013

Report offers information on mishandled bags, on time depatures

The just-released April 2013 Air Travel Consumer Report offers data about on-time performance and mishandled baggage.

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Posted at 01:25 PM ET, 02/19/2013

Man out of a job after being accused of slapping a crying child on a flight

An Idaho man accused of slapping a crying child aboard a flight and using a racial slur is out of a job. This is one of the more recent -- and extreme -- examples of the stress that parents and passengers can encounter when young children are cooped up in airplane.

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Posted at 02:54 PM ET, 02/14/2013

What does the American-US Air merger mean for you?

Here's what the US Airways-American Airlines merger could mean for flights out of National Airport, fares and more.

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Posted at 03:52 PM ET, 01/24/2013

Two United planes clip wings at Dulles

Two planes clipped wings at Dulles International Airport on Thursday afternoon.

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Posted at 03:35 PM ET, 06/29/2011

Turtles cause flights delays at JFK

About 150 turtles crawled onto the tarmac at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Wednesday in search of beaches to lay their eggs, delaying dozens of flights, aviation authorities said.

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Posted at 04:58 PM ET, 08/02/2010

Delta to add DCA nonstops

Delta Air Lines will add nonstop flights out of Reagan National Airport to seven cities this fall as part of the company's push into East Coast markets.

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