Capital Weather Gang: Sandy

Posted at 04:17 PM ET, 10/29/2013

PM Update: Clouds rule into Wednesday; sampling today’s Sandy stories

While it might not have been quite as nice as yesterday, today’s weather was certainly much better than we saw a year ago!

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Posted at 01:02 PM ET, 10/29/2013

Superstorm Sandy: Unraveling the mystery of a meteorological oddity

We examine the science behind the meteorological oddball became the second costliest tropical cyclone ever to strike the United States.

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Posted at 10:04 AM ET, 10/29/2013

17 images that tell the story of Sandy slamming the East Coast

Sandy was a special type of storm. How it came together, and how we watched it do so via weather-sensing technologies, is still mind blowing one year later.

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Posted at 10:32 AM ET, 10/28/2013

Did Hurricane Sandy live up to the media hype? Yes, and then some

The news coverage surrounding the approach and landfall of Hurricane Sandy, however, was one of those strange times when a major storm actually lived up to the hype, and even exceeded it.

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Posted at 02:04 PM ET, 10/24/2013

The incredibly snowy side of Sandy

Sandy was a rare tropical beast that not only devastated the coastal areas with high wind, heavy rain and storm surge, but also produced up to three feet of inland snow.

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Posted at 02:42 PM ET, 10/23/2013

Sandy spared New York’s skyscrapers, but high-rises carry high risk during hurricanes

Even if you think trudging up and down several stories in a high-rise without elevators is a good way to get in shape, you should evacuate when threatened by a hurricane.

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 10/22/2013

Forecasters saw first signs of Superstorm Sandy exactly one year ago

The anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall doesn’t hit until next week. But it was a year ago today that forecasters first saw the makings of a potentially historic event.

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