Erik Wemple: Barbara Walters

Posted at 05:13 PM ET, 04/08/2013

Hillary Clinton's hair, Part II: Asking about appearances

Barbara Walters can pull off anything. Anything.

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Posted at 04:00 PM ET, 03/28/2013

Barbara Walters to retire next year, according to whom?

If she retires in 2014, there's just enough time to fete her five decades in broadcast journalism.

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Posted at 06:04 PM ET, 12/13/2012

Barbara Walters poses already-posed questions to Hillary Clinton

Barbara Walters interviews Hillary Clinton for her "most fascinating people" series. Watch the hardballs fly!

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 06/11/2012

CNN, New York Times hammer Barbara Walters on Syria

ABC’s Barbara Walters gets hammered by CNN, New York Times.

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Posted at 08:14 AM ET, 06/07/2012

Media news derivatives: June 7

A roundup of media stories for June 7.

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Posted at 03:38 PM ET, 06/06/2012

What’s Barbara Walters apologizing for?

What did the ABC News star do wrong?

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