Erik Wemple: Climate change

Posted at 04:55 PM ET, 04/07/2014

Study: Fox News botches climate-change coverage

Fox News does largely misleading coverage of climate change and its competitors do largely accurate coverage of climate change, says the report.

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Posted at 12:05 PM ET, 11/25/2013

Al Gore: Climate change should be media’s ‘No. 1 story

It’s an ‘existential’ question, says former veep.

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Posted at 09:44 AM ET, 01/28/2013

Fox News host: Climate change, gay rights not 'really pressing issues'

Jon Scott of Fox News was not pleased about the topics President Obama addressed in the inaugural address.

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Posted at 04:42 PM ET, 11/30/2012

Fox guy cites hard evidence' of climate change

Earlier this year, Varney called climate change a 'scientific conspiracy.'

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Posted at 01:09 PM ET, 10/30/2012

Hurricane Sandy: Where’s the climate-change angle, media?

People want media to talk about Sandy in relation to climate change.

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Posted at 01:06 PM ET, 09/24/2012

Scientists: Climate bias at Fox, WSJ ‘far exceeded’ rest of media

Why are a bunch of scientists singling out Fox News and Wall Street Journal?

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