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Posted at 04:19 PM ET, 02/07/2013

Journal News legacy spreads

The story of the controversial gun databases published by the Journal News in New York didn't end when it took down the record. It persists in state legislatures.

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Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 01/14/2013

'No pattern' of crime related to Journal News maps, says police official

A top police official says it's premature to talk of a link between a burglary and a newspaper's maps of gun-permit holders' homes.

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Posted at 08:15 PM ET, 01/13/2013

Journal News maps: N.Y. senator raises questions about burglary

A New York senator alleges that a burglary in White Plains could well be tied to the controversial maps published by the Journal News.

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Posted at 12:23 PM ET, 01/11/2013

Scarborough: Gun-control debate is over money

Opposition to current proposals, says "Morning Joe" host, is motivated only by money.

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Posted at 11:58 AM ET, 01/07/2013

NYT: Journal News story was a hasty production

Newspaper got gun-permit data quickly, discussed its publication cursorily, and -- voila -- published it.

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Posted at 09:42 AM ET, 01/04/2013

Rockland County Sheriff: Keep gun permits from media

Top law enforcement official in Rockland says he has to prepare for the worst and doesn't want this information getting out.

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Posted at 02:31 PM ET, 01/02/2013

Cancel your Journal News subscriptions, urges N.Y. senator

Greg Ball continues bashing the newspaper for printing the names and addresses of gun permit holders.

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Posted at 01:04 PM ET, 12/26/2012

NBC News and David Gregory: A legal problem or a journalism problem?

Or does the "Meet the Press" host have a journalistic problem?

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Posted at 12:13 PM ET, 12/20/2012

No more 'taking aim,’ 'blasting,’ 'sniping’!

Time for news outlets to bag the reliance on trite metaphors that come straight from the shooting range.

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