Erik Wemple: James clapper

Posted at 03:04 PM ET, 04/23/2014

Bloomberg celebrates challenged story on the NSA and Heartbleed bug

News outlet, intelligence community scrap over controversial computer security issue.

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Posted at 06:00 PM ET, 02/19/2014

Greenwald: Clapper statement ‘vindicates’ Snowden

Admission has implications for media companies.

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Posted at 01:06 PM ET, 06/12/2013

Daily Show parodies James Clapper's Senate-hearing head-rub

John Oliver isn't buying the body language of the country's top spy.

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Posted at 04:38 PM ET, 06/11/2013

James Clapper, NSA and the "L" word

Media outlets are hesitant to call public officials "liars." That's a good thing, but they're finding a compelling exception in James Clapper.

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