Erik Wemple: Marco Rubio

Posted at 11:33 AM ET, 02/13/2013

'Morning Joe' on Marco Rubio: Too many cooks

A bunch of people analyzing a speech: Can you get more idle?

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Posted at 12:39 PM ET, 02/09/2013

Univision employee insults Marco Rubio

Just what actuated a staffer from Univision to post a nasty note on Facebook about Sen. Marco Rubio?

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Posted at 07:28 AM ET, 06/21/2012

Media news derivatives: June 21

A roundup of media stories for June 21.

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 06/20/2012

Mitt Romney’s unconvincing ABC slam

His unconvincing slam.

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Posted at 10:28 AM ET, 02/15/2012

Maddow, PolitiFact and the non sequitur


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