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Posted at 03:09 PM ET, 02/23/2014

David Gregory should have asked Susan Rice: Where was Hillary Clinton?

But where was the secretary of state?

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Posted at 01:11 PM ET, 02/16/2014

More Mitt Romney, please

The guy can talk on television.

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Posted at 11:34 AM ET, 12/26/2012

Where did NBC News get firearm magazine?

David Gregory of NBC News brandished what he claimed was a 30-round magazine on the set of "Meet the Press." Where'd he get that thing?

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Posted at 12:13 PM ET, 12/23/2012

NRA chief on NBC: Media are protected by armed guards. Really?

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA says that media figures across the country are protected by armed guards.

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Posted at 08:26 AM ET, 05/21/2012

Media news derivatives: May 21

A summary of media stories for May 21

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Posted at 01:04 PM ET, 04/13/2012

Hilary Rosen drops out on ‘Meet the Press’

Rosen backs out of a Sunday-morning commitment, saying she’s said enough.

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Posted at 11:37 AM ET, 03/05/2012

Fox hearts Gingrich

On the Fox & Friends set.

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