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Posted at 05:31 PM ET, 03/05/2014

Longtime photographer for Current newspapers splits over freelance pay

Says publisher simply stopped paying him.

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Posted at 04:33 PM ET, 06/19/2013

Fauquier newspaper no longer 'Democrat'

Some people apparently thought that the Fauquier Times-Democrat was a party organ.

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Posted at 10:10 AM ET, 04/08/2013

Revenue down 2 percent? We'll take it!

Newspapers are doing a little less poorly thanks in part to their success in getting people who read them to pay up.

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Posted at 05:30 PM ET, 03/01/2013

Buffett disses coverage of Pakistan

Local, local, local! says Warren Buffett

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Posted at 05:08 PM ET, 01/04/2013

The Washington Times, an information fortress

Media reporters aren't the only ones who have trouble prying information from the Washington Times. Employees do too.

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Posted at 12:32 PM ET, 01/04/2013

Washington Times lays off staff

In an expected move, the Washington Times is laying off editorial staff. Details are still a bit scarce.

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Posted at 12:13 PM ET, 12/20/2012

No more 'taking aim,’ 'blasting,’ 'sniping’!

Time for news outlets to bag the reliance on trite metaphors that come straight from the shooting range.

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Posted at 08:15 AM ET, 07/16/2012

The Daily Caller totally busts community-news reporter

Elizabeth Wiener of the Current Newspapers feels the Daily Caller’s accountability.

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Posted at 08:52 AM ET, 07/09/2012

Media news derivatives: July 9

A roundup of media stories for July 9

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Posted at 01:27 PM ET, 05/17/2012

Warren Buffett buys newspapers. Is he nuts?

Why would he buy a bundle of newspapers?

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