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Posted at 12:25 PM ET, 07/26/2012

Theater shootings: Denver Post propagates a false plural

When one media outlet becomes ‘media outlets’

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Posted at 04:38 PM ET, 07/25/2012

Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto backtracks on ‘worthy’ tweet

James Taranto wondered whether female survivors of Aurora were ‘worthy.’

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Posted at 10:51 AM ET, 07/23/2012

CNN host doesn’t want bio of Aurora suspect

Kurtz says he doesn’t want to know more about Aurora suspect.

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Posted at 12:29 PM ET, 07/20/2012

Colorado shootings: ABC News’s bogus report

A retracted report by Brian Ross spurs bias claims.

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Posted at 07:47 AM ET, 07/20/2012

Media news derivatives: July 20

A roundup of media stories for July 20.

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