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Posted at 04:02 PM ET, 03/27/2014

MSNBC disputes Pew study on newsgathering reduction

Numbers help to explain why a certain network might just go nuts on a certain story.

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Posted at 03:20 PM ET, 01/09/2014

Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and the Christie bridge scandal

An incipient American tradition: Tracking coverage discrepancies on cable news.

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Posted at 05:17 PM ET, 10/28/2013

Schweitzer: Fox, MSNBC are ‘hair on fire’ networks

Former Montana governor goes with the centrist media message.

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Posted at 11:04 AM ET, 09/26/2013

Where did Bill Clinton get his 800,000 viewer cable-profitability threshold?

In discussion with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the former president throws out an interesting data point. But how accurate is it?

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Posted at 12:27 PM ET, 07/23/2013

New York Times's Brian Stelter to guest-host CNN's 'Reliable Sources'

Young media correspondent insists he wouldn't leave the storied newspaper for a television job.

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Posted at 03:08 PM ET, 04/22/2013

The problem with cable news: Cable news

As Friday proved, there will never be enough news of national import for networks to break and analyze every minute of every day.

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Posted at 12:09 PM ET, 03/18/2013

On cable TV, talk is cheap -- and profitable

Interviews, talk, chatter, gossip, shouting -- these are the ways cable news makes its money.

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Posted at 01:27 AM ET, 11/07/2012

CNN destroys cable competition on election night

CNN clear winner on elections coverage among cable nets

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