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Posted at 05:47 PM ET, 01/24/2014

Capitol Hill publications scale back frequency

“It’s no secret that the D.C. print advertising market has been shrinking.“

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Posted at 05:48 PM ET, 10/01/2013

Politico’s fun ride on congressional ‘exemption’ from Obamacare

Politico, never one to take sides.

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Posted at 09:45 AM ET, 10/01/2013

Daily News’s latest provocative cover

A provocative, yet safe, approach for a New York tab.

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Posted at 09:33 AM ET, 01/03/2013

Mag: A Congress of 'Babies'

Bloomberg Businessweek finds a visual way to capture how many, many taxpayers feel about Congress.

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Posted at 08:54 AM ET, 10/26/2012

‘Obama told a whopper,’ fact-checker quotes Woodward

Fact-check KO’s Obama on sequester claim.

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Posted at 05:47 PM ET, 08/21/2012

Politico’s skinny-dipping story: Quite a reach [Updated]

It alleges an FBI probe of naked swimming. Really?

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