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Posted at 05:57 PM ET, 09/06/2013

Fox News gives Judith Miller a pass on Iraq

Host discusses failed WMD intelligence before the Iraq war, but doesn't ask former New York Times reporter about it.

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Posted at 03:22 PM ET, 09/04/2013

Fox News commentator: Media was skeptical of Iraq war

Say what?

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Posted at 05:26 PM ET, 08/07/2013

Complaint archive: Obama's India trip edition

Hey, FCC -- perhaps a broader definition of 'obscene' is in order.

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Posted at 04:49 PM ET, 03/19/2013

The media's Iraq War failure

Knight-Ridder journalists who were skeptical of the administration's case for war say they had trouble interesting papers from their own chain in their work.

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Posted at 05:33 PM ET, 03/11/2013

Iraq war media fail greatest 'in modern times': Claim

The 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war recalls how reporters fell short, says Howard Kurtz.

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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 02/21/2012

Media news derivatives: Feb. 21

For Feb. 21

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Posted at 08:42 AM ET, 02/17/2012

Anthony Shadid dies, leaves hole in foreign correspondency

He’s irreplaceable.

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