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Posted at 05:18 PM ET, 04/04/2014

Megyn Kelly: Fox News is ‘only place people can go right now for fair and balanced news’

In defending Fox News, she utters something self-contradictory.

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Posted at 05:20 PM ET, 04/03/2014

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly declines to utter the name of the Fort Hood shooter

How much “infamy” did she withhold?

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Posted at 12:40 PM ET, 01/27/2014

Critic: Fox News is a ‘retirement community’

Just how much should liberals freak out about Fox News?

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Posted at 11:20 AM ET, 12/10/2013

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly to Leno: ‘I’m a straight-news anchor’

She claims to give a ‘hard time’ to both sides of American politics. Let’s look at that.

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Posted at 10:53 AM ET, 12/03/2013

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly pokes at Obamacare ‘accountability’

A true believer won’t bend a bit on Megyn Kelly’s show.

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Posted at 04:29 PM ET, 10/11/2013

At conservative confab, Fox News reigns

Host Megyn Kelly is viewed as a touch centrist, but that’s OK.

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Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 10/08/2013

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly keeps footrest, other stuff

New show looks and feels a lot like the old one.

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Posted at 06:30 PM ET, 09/20/2013

Hooray for the women of Fox News!

Gretchen Carlson speaks up about pants!

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Posted at 06:27 PM ET, 09/12/2013

Fox News embraces Twitter, new role for Shep Smith

Press release talks up the wonders of social media and high technology.

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Posted at 02:34 PM ET, 08/11/2013

Fox News proves strength with Megyn Kelly move

The night isn't long enough for Fox News.

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Posted at 02:27 PM ET, 08/08/2013

Fox News: Please replace 'Hannity' with 'Kelly'

Hannity is too predictable for a prime-time slot.

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Posted at 02:30 PM ET, 07/02/2013

Fox News's Megyn Kelly to prime time. Can she please replace 'Hannity'?

The folks at Fox News are promoting Megyn Kelly to primetime. Kill 'Hannity,' please.

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Posted at 04:31 PM ET, 07/01/2013

Rush Limbaugh hailed for 'public policy' commentary

How easy it is to forget the breadth of Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke.

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Posted at 06:01 PM ET, 06/27/2013

George Zimmerman trial: No one can agree on Rachel Jeantel

Good luck divining the impact of this witness on the jury.

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Posted at 03:05 PM ET, 05/31/2013

Don't mess with Megyn Kelly on the topic of working moms

Megyn Kelly v. Erick Erickson on working moms. Who do you think won that one?

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Posted at 04:57 PM ET, 05/07/2013

Why can't Fox News's Megyn Kelly replace 'Hannity'?

There's a prime-time contractual traffic jam at Fox News. Any room for Megyn Kelly?

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Posted at 04:32 PM ET, 10/18/2012

Fox News panel EXPLODES over Libya

Fox News goes deep, deep on Obama’s ‘act of terror’ contention.

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Posted at 09:34 AM ET, 09/21/2012

O’Reilly, Koppel disagree on Fox, MSNBC

Ted Koppel pooh-poohs O’Reilly’s contention that Fox does ‘hard news.’

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Posted at 07:15 PM ET, 09/18/2012

Sununu: ‘Liberal media’ turning a ‘wart’ into ‘giant cancer’

A Romney surrogate says the nominee recognizes distortionary role of ‘liberal media.’

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Posted at 04:52 PM ET, 09/12/2012

Fox News alone on cable car-chase coverage

Fox, your car-chase channel

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Posted at 03:39 PM ET, 09/04/2012

Fox News guest chides NYT for being late to the story it broke

Does Times story on Jarrett represent a media fail?

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 08/22/2012

Washington Monument to Fox News: Take that!

Washington Monument tells Fox News who’s boss.

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Posted at 03:15 PM ET, 06/27/2012

Fox lets Limbaugh frame discussion of immigration enforcement

57 seconds of ranting on immigration.

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Posted at 08:16 AM ET, 06/11/2012

Media news derivatives: June 11

Roundup of media stories for June 11

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Posted at 09:54 PM ET, 06/08/2012

Fox’s Megyn Kelly disses Euroquestions

Fox’s Megyn Kelly says media is wasting opportunities with questions about Europe

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