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Posted at 04:53 PM ET, 10/12/2012

The vice-presidential debate’s bogus ‘poll results’

CNBC and the demand for immediate debate gratification.

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Posted at 05:50 PM ET, 10/08/2012

Pew poll: Were the pundits wrong about the debates?

Pew results suggest that voters are influenced by debates. Crisis for pundits?

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Posted at 12:50 AM ET, 08/30/2012

Bachmann schools CNN on single women’s gas-price fetish

Michele Bachmann tells Piers Morgan all about single women and gas.

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Posted at 12:54 PM ET, 07/11/2012

Fox News’s Sean Hannity sniffs ‘manipulative’ polling numbers

Fox analysts see something fishy in polling numbers.

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Posted at 05:48 PM ET, 05/17/2012

What’s wrong with the CBS/New York Times poll?

Obama reelection official blasts NYT poll; NYT blasts back.

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