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Posted at 06:55 PM ET, 04/08/2014

Big-time news orgs send bunch of guys to hammer White House on gender pay equity

Here we go again!

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Posted at 12:37 PM ET, 03/14/2014

CNN guest: ‘You bring me on to talk about a possible terrorism angle’

How detailed can the speculation about the missing Malaysian airplane go?

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Posted at 06:42 PM ET, 03/11/2014

Obamacare enrollment numbers: How to spin?

Same numbers, different presentations.

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Posted at 02:55 PM ET, 02/13/2014

Snowden lawyer: He may address password allegations soon

Some interesting back-and-forth between the former NSA contractor and the media.

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Posted at 04:49 PM ET, 06/26/2013

Bloomberg News reporter had 18 ledes ready for Supreme Court rulings

Being first doesn't mean merely seeking the glory of the scoop; it means preparation.

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Posted at 05:29 PM ET, 05/31/2013

Good job, media!

Who said reporters must comply with bureaucrats' sourcing demands?

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Posted at 10:08 AM ET, 08/31/2012

The wobbly defenses of David Chalian

Everyone does what David Chalian did, right?

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Posted at 10:10 AM ET, 08/15/2012

Media news derivatives: Aug. 15

A roundup of media stories for Aug. 15

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Posted at 08:42 AM ET, 07/25/2012

Media news derivatives: July 25

A roundup of media stories for July 25

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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 06/28/2012

Media news derivatives, June 28

A roundup of media stories for June 28

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Posted at 09:23 AM ET, 06/18/2012

Media news derivatives: June 18

A roundup of media stories for June 18.

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Posted at 12:48 PM ET, 06/12/2012

New York train conductor reads paper on job

Showcasing the value of print, on the train

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Posted at 09:54 PM ET, 06/08/2012

Fox’s Megyn Kelly disses Euroquestions

Fox’s Megyn Kelly says media is wasting opportunities with questions about Europe

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Posted at 08:26 AM ET, 05/21/2012

Media news derivatives: May 21

A summary of media stories for May 21

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Posted at 12:52 PM ET, 05/08/2012

No celebs at White House dinner?

Tom Brokaw on White House Correspondents’ fete: Corrupt!

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Posted at 05:13 PM ET, 04/27/2012

WHCA prez defends festivities from hit pieces

White House Correspondents’ Association chief defends the festivities.

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 04/19/2012

Media news derivatives: April 19

What’s going on in the media?

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Posted at 08:42 AM ET, 04/12/2012

Media news derivatives: April 12

The day’s top media stories, with links.

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Posted at 10:31 AM ET, 04/09/2012

NBC News president speaks out on Zimmerman tape scandal

Top news exec breaks silence on NBC scandal,

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Posted at 10:17 AM ET, 04/06/2012

Report: ‘Seasoned’ NBC staffer misfired in Zimmerman case

Reuters investigates NBC’s investigation.

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Posted at 08:26 AM ET, 03/22/2012

Media news derivatives: March 22

For March 22

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Posted at 08:24 AM ET, 03/09/2012

Media news derivatives: March 9

For March 9

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