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Posted at 10:16 AM ET, 09/20/2013

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow slights S.E. Cupp, war-mongering pundits

Allegation: Pundits are out of step with the United States.

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Posted at 06:06 PM ET, 09/18/2013

Fox News scores really weird Assad interview

Dennis Kucinich: Fox News contributor but non-journalist.

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 09/12/2013

Jon Stewart: News shows stampede toward war

Once the prospect of hostilities is raised, says host, news establishment wants ‘payoff.’

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Posted at 10:22 AM ET, 09/11/2013

Jon Stewart crushes idiotic Wolf Blitzer ploy

Surely such a gimmick was only an improvisation, right? Right?

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Posted at 06:34 PM ET, 09/10/2013

NYT, WaPo, HuffPost, others sink big effort into whip counts

New York Times, strict on leaning.

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Posted at 03:42 PM ET, 09/03/2013

Poll: Syria eclipses other issues for media consumers

But we don't know how it ranks vis-a-vis twerking.

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Posted at 11:37 AM ET, 08/29/2013

The Economist on Syria’s Assad: ‘Hit Him Hard’

Not a lot of caution here.

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 06/26/2012

Anthony Shadid and Syria: Did the New York Times pressure him?

Did the New York Times pressure him?

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Posted at 08:30 AM ET, 06/25/2012

Shadid’s widow said she was ‘mad at journalism’

Video may contextualize allegations regarding Shadid’s death.

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 06/11/2012

CNN, New York Times hammer Barbara Walters on Syria

ABC’s Barbara Walters gets hammered by CNN, New York Times.

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Posted at 03:38 PM ET, 06/06/2012

What’s Barbara Walters apologizing for?

What did the ABC News star do wrong?

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Posted at 08:16 AM ET, 02/24/2012

Media news derivatives: Feb. 24

For Feb. 24

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Posted at 05:45 PM ET, 02/22/2012

News orgs tread cautiously on Syria

Will risk of reporting in war zone justify getting the story directly?

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