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Posted at 11:23 AM ET, 04/22/2014

‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart pokes Fox News’s Sean Hannity for inconsistencies

Is the cable anchor at odds with previous statements?

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Posted at 05:03 PM ET, 02/26/2014

Daily Caller implements hybrid salary/Internet-incentive pay plan

Publisher says the site is paying out more in compensation than ever.

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Posted at 12:28 PM ET, 01/29/2014

Fox News tackles gender pay equity!

Host references a ‘little special handout’ for women.

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Posted at 10:08 AM ET, 03/05/2013

Tucker Carlson: 'The Post's piece is wrong'

Daily Caller, Washington Post battle over facts, rumors, affidavits and a double-lawyer scheme that'll blow your mind.

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Posted at 01:10 PM ET, 10/03/2012

AP stands by its 2007 Obama speech story

Did the Associated Press blow it in 2007 in covering Obama’s Hampton speech?

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Posted at 11:39 AM ET, 07/02/2012

Daily Caller escapes sanction from WHCA

White House Correspondents’ Association declines action against Daily Caller.

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Posted at 08:31 AM ET, 04/30/2012

Media news derivatives: April 30

What’s new in media?

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Posted at 05:28 PM ET, 02/14/2012

Fox News and the art of media-timing

Fox contributor attacks Media Matters on eve of book release.

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