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Posted at 11:40 AM ET, 08/16/2012

Obamas, ET: All smiles!

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Posted at 05:31 PM ET, 08/13/2012

Paul Ryan bio: New Yorker piece underscores pol’s openness

Why would Paul Ryan sit for a New Yorker interview in the midst of Romney vetting?

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Posted at 07:27 AM ET, 08/01/2012

Palin blames Cheney dig on ‘lamestream media,’ of all things

Palin claims Cheney is corrupted by ‘lamestream media.’

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 06/20/2012

Mitt Romney’s unconvincing ABC slam

His unconvincing slam.

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Posted at 10:46 AM ET, 05/18/2012

Chuck Todd nearly corners Mitch Daniels

How to turn the tables on a potential VP spinner.

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