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How’s That New Obamacare Plan Working Out?

Six million Americans got new health insurance on Jan. 1 because of the Affordable Care Act, and we want to know how it's going for you. Please let us know what it's been like trying to use that shiny new insurance card -- or if you've encountered any bumps along the way. You can fill out the form below or e-mail us at sandhya@washpost.com and sarah.kliff@washpost.com.

College students don’t want to be lawyers — but do want to be doctors

College students don’t want to be lawyers — but do want to be doctors

If doctors enjoy their day jobs, you certainly wouldn’t know it from talking to them. A survey of 24,000 doctors published last week found just 54 percent would pursue the same career path if they got a second chance. They griped about growing piles of paperwork, cuts in reimbursements and all the changes introduced by Obamacare.

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‘I thought, why not pair risk adjustment with Samuel L. Jackson’

(Payment Reform Made Meme)

Attention, wonks: We may have stumbled onto the world’s wonkiest Tumblr.

Payment Reform Made Meme launched yesterday, much to the delight of health-care nerds across the country. If you’ve ever wanted to see Simba and Mufasa from “The Lion King” discuss government regulation of health-care pricing, or see Ryan Gosling whisper sweet nothings about global payments, this would be your chance.

The Tumblr is the brainchild of Ari Fertig of Health Care for All Massachusetts. When I caught him this morning, he immediately described his meme-ifying of health-care policy as “by far the geekiest thing I’ve ever done.”

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In abortion battle, White House defunds Texas Women Health Program

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. (Michael Ainsworth - AP)
After Texas blocked abortion providers’ participation in its Medicaid Women’s Health Program, the White House officially notified the state Thursday afternoon that it will pull all funds from the program, which totalled about $39 million last year.

Twenty-nine states participate in the Medicaid’s Women Health Program, which extends Medicaid coverage for reproductive health services to lower-income women who do not qualify for the rest of the entitlement program’s benefits. In Texas, the program served about 130,000 women, with the federal government footing 90 percent of the bill. About half of the clinics participating in the program would have been disqualified by the new legislation.

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Poll: Health reform not more popular, but fewer think they’ll be worse off

In a new poll today, the Associated Press finds that fewer Americans believe their health care will actually get worse under the Affordable Care Act.

The Associated Press asked “As a result of the changes to health care that were passed by Congress in March of 2010, do you think it will probably cause you to get better health care, cause you to get worse health care, or not change the quality of health care you get?”

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