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Posted at 11:43 AM ET, 09/30/2013

Fed-worker commuters talk shutdown

Federal workers eagerly talked about the potential government shutdown as they rode in on the Metro or walked to their offices.

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Posted at 06:01 AM ET, 09/16/2013

Goldman Sachs projects lower federal employment next year

A report from the investment bank said agencies may not be able to rely on temporary solutions, such as furloughs and deferred investments, in the future.

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 10/29/2012

For employees, agency closing can mean many things

While a federal government closing announcement means a day off without having to take vacation time for many affected employees, that’s not the case for all of them, and other special policies can kick in as well.

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Posted at 01:01 PM ET, 05/01/2012

Would higher retirement contributions limit your savings? | #FedBuzz

How would higher contributions affect federal workers?

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