The Insider: Week 4

Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 10/01/2013

NFL top 10: Should the Seahawks or Broncos be No. 1?

Mark Maske ranks the NFL's 10 best teams, starting with two West Coast teams at the top.

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Posted at 11:41 AM ET, 09/30/2013

Five observations from the Redskins' win over the Raiders

The Washington Redskins on Sunday managed to stop the bleeding with a 24-14 win over the Oakland Raiders.

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Posted at 10:47 AM ET, 09/30/2013

Season's first win puts Redskins in second-place tie in NFC East

No need to fret too much in this less-than-fearsome division.

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Posted at 11:29 PM ET, 09/29/2013

Redskins' veterans: 'It's just one win'

Although happy to finally get a win, the Redskins wisely said that they couldn't really draw a whole lot of satisfaction from the victory.

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Posted at 09:01 AM ET, 09/27/2013

Redskins scheduled to travel Friday to Bay Area

For Shanahan-coached teams, a three-hour time change means traveling a day earlier than usual so players have a chance to acclimate.

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Posted at 08:03 AM ET, 09/27/2013

The NFL in London: Would you watch the Redskins play there?

As the Steelers and Vikings get set to play in London, Des Bieler ponders the future of the NFL in the U.K.

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Posted at 07:26 AM ET, 09/28/2012

Friday Redskins-Bucs reader picks … and prose

As the Redskins' Week 4 game against the Buccaneers approaches, readers sound off on what they'd like to see, and two longtime Insider readers with Tampa ties give us the view from down in Florida.

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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 09/27/2012

And the NFL’s referees are back!

The NFL's referees are back! Also, a comparison of the Redskins' backfield a year ago and now, and a look at which NFC teams stand in the way of a Redskins playoff appearance.

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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 09/26/2012

On the Buccaneers, Griffin running and winning with who you’ve got

Is the Buccaneers game a must-win? Do the Griffin runs set up other plays? And can the Redskins win with who they have?

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