GovBeat: Alaska

Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 03/01/2014

Alaska wants the humpback whale off the Endangered Species list

Delisting the whale could open new territory for oil exploration.

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Posted at 10:05 AM ET, 01/27/2014

Map: Where tea partiers live, by state

Alaska is home to the most, per capita. New York, the least.

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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 01/22/2014

Watch Alaska’s House speaker welcome back lawmakers with a cow bell joke

There are three things you have to know in order to understand this political insider’s joke from Alaska.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 01/21/2014

Alaska Session Preview: What to do about a $2 billion revenue hole

The $2 billion dip in revenues is the result of new oil tax cuts as well as dropping prices and production.

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Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 01/17/2014

Here’s a sampling of local projects funded by the $1.1 trillion spending bill

A roundup of local projects in four states that will receive a combined $20 billion in funds.

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Posted at 07:02 PM ET, 01/08/2014

Alaska could become the third state to legalize marijuana—as soon as August

A group says it’s turned in more than 50 percent more signatures than are necessary to qualify.

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Posted at 11:52 AM ET, 12/30/2013

FAA picks six states for drone testing

The decision could bring billions in economic development as the number of drone manufacturers grows in coming years.

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 12/11/2013

Energy states have the biggest budget cushions

Being home to a substantial energy sector has provided a few states some fiscal security.

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Posted at 11:47 AM ET, 12/06/2013

Alaska revenue to fall $2 billion after oil tax cuts take effect

Rolling back Sarah Palin’s tax hikes will cost Alaska big bucks.

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Posted at 10:17 AM ET, 11/18/2013

Alaska says no to Medicaid expansion

The state will forgo up to $3.7 billion in federal funding, leave 40,000 uninsured.

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Posted at 02:20 PM ET, 09/23/2013

State reliance on federal dollars near all-time high

States are relying more on federal money than ever before -- and that money is about to disappear.

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Posted at 12:01 PM ET, 09/17/2013

Many states with few insured citizens aren’t expanding Medicaid under Obamacare

Many of the states whose citizens are most likely to be uninsured have no plans to expand.

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Posted at 07:32 AM ET, 09/12/2013

Per-student spending dropped by a fifth in Oklahoma and Alabama in just six years

At least 34 states spend less per student now than before the recession, according to a new report.

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Posted at 12:02 PM ET, 09/03/2013

Hispanics most likely to go without health insurance

Hispanics are much more likely to go without insurance than whites or blacks.

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Posted at 11:50 AM ET, 08/20/2013

Ranking the states: Credit card debt

Alaska residents hold more credit card debt per capita than any other state, while the Midwest is more frugal.

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