GovBeat: Environment

Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 03/01/2014

Alaska wants the humpback whale off the Endangered Species list

Delisting the whale could open new territory for oil exploration.

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Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 01/17/2014

Brown to declare California drought emergency as Western water woes intensify

Gov. Jerry Brown will make the declaration at a news conference Friday.

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Posted at 11:37 AM ET, 12/17/2013

Counties could lose millions if appropriators don’t hurry after Ryan-Murray budget deal

A Department of the Interior program worth millions to small rural counties isn’t funded in the budget deal.

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Posted at 01:18 PM ET, 12/12/2013

Sally Jewell meets Teddy Roosevelt

Apparently this isn’t a unique occurrence.

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Posted at 09:05 AM ET, 12/09/2013

Northeastern states will press Midwest, Appalachia on clean air

Democratic governors hope to force Midwestern and Appalachian states to clean up their air.

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Posted at 09:54 AM ET, 11/19/2013

Colorado seeks to regulate methane emissions

Industry groups and environmentalists cheered the proposed rules, which could lead to cleaner air.

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Posted at 12:01 PM ET, 10/29/2013

The West Coast unites on climate change

California, Oregon and Washington agree to coordinate on policy.

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