GovBeat: Illinois

Posted at 11:22 AM ET, 12/23/2013

Shark fins, tasters and tattoos: New laws on crime and courts

State legislatures passed more than 40,000 new laws in 2013, the bulk of which go into effect Jan. 1.

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Posted at 09:05 AM ET, 12/09/2013

Northeastern states will press Midwest, Appalachia on clean air

Democratic governors hope to force Midwestern and Appalachian states to clean up their air.

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Posted at 09:27 AM ET, 12/03/2013

Illinois lawmakers to vote on public employee pension changes

The revisions would put Illinois on a 30-year glide path to erase strangling pension debts.

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Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 11/18/2013

People in the Northeast and Midwest (and Texas) pay the highest property taxes

Depending on which county you live in, property taxes can amount to anywhere from 0.2 percent to 3.1 percent of a home’s value.

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Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 11/18/2013

Chicago’s mind-blowing $33 billion debt and pension obligations

Decades of debt and public employee pensions will keep Chicago taxpayers on the hook for generations to come.

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Posted at 01:34 PM ET, 11/15/2013

These are the 15 gubernatorial races to watch for 2014

Democrats and Republicans split the 2013 gubernatorial races. Now it’s on to 2014, where Republicans are playing a lot of defense.

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Posted at 06:11 PM ET, 11/12/2013

Hawaii is 15th state to legalize gay marriage

The Aloha State is poised to allow gay couples to get married beginning Dec. 2.

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Posted at 03:55 PM ET, 10/22/2013

Three more states could legalize gay marriage by year’s end

Gay-rights activists are kicking off a week-long campaign that could see three states legalize same-sex marriage.

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 09/26/2013

The Midwest is really good at the SATs

High school students in Illinois and North Dakota scored best, with only bragging rights at stake.

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Posted at 06:01 AM ET, 09/25/2013

Slowly, Democrats embrace fracking

Facing budget shortfalls, even Democratic states are turning to hydraulic fracking.

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Posted at 04:19 PM ET, 09/16/2013

The state pension situation is improving, but most plan funding is still low

Wisconsin has the strongest pension plan; Illinois the worst.

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Posted at 04:19 PM ET, 09/13/2013

Going to Hooters? Not on this city’s dime

Two firefighters are out about $65 after a city council refused to reimburse meals they had at Hooters.

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