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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 01/24/2014

How states spend their cash, in 5 maps

For the third time in the last four years, states spent more than they brought in.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 01/21/2014

Alaska Session Preview: What to do about a $2 billion revenue hole

The $2 billion dip in revenues is the result of new oil tax cuts as well as dropping prices and production.

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Posted at 11:47 AM ET, 12/06/2013

Alaska revenue to fall $2 billion after oil tax cuts take effect

Rolling back Sarah Palin’s tax hikes will cost Alaska big bucks.

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Posted at 12:23 PM ET, 11/13/2013

Cities felt recession’s challenges well after recovery began

The nation’s largest cities felt the brunt of the recession long after state and federal governments.

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Posted at 11:32 AM ET, 09/24/2013

State income tax revenues are up—but the bubble’s about to burst

Fourteen straight quarters of growth could come to an end end this year.

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