GovBeat: South Carolina

Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 02/21/2014

South Carolina legislators cut university funding over gay-themed books

The state House wants to punish two universities that required freshmen to read the books.

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Posted at 12:19 PM ET, 02/03/2014

Eight U.S. states have policies similar to Russia’s ban on gay ‘propaganda’

Though less far-reaching, a handful of state limit speech about homosexuality in the classroom.

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Posted at 10:31 AM ET, 01/29/2014

The South’s disastrous response to the winter storm, in pictures

If you live in the Atlanta area, and if you can, work from home.

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 01/22/2014

South Carolina’s governor is getting expanded powers

The effort is described as the largest restructuring of the state government in 20 years.

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Posted at 01:49 PM ET, 01/16/2014

South Carolina could soon see its biggest government restructuring in 20 years

It would move human resources and information technology into a new cabinet-level agency.

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Posted at 04:51 PM ET, 01/15/2014

South Carolina session preview: First up, dealing with a ‘mega potato farm’

Billions of gallons of public water are at stake.

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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 01/09/2014

South Carolina’s Haley pitches education reform package

The governor wants $160 million for a modest reform proposal.

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Posted at 08:01 AM ET, 01/01/2014

Critical vote looms for Boeing Machinists

Boeing’s Machinists will take a high-stakes vote on Friday that will decide the fate of 20,000 jobs.

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Posted at 06:01 AM ET, 12/17/2013

Republicans back away from Common Core as legislative roadblocks advance

Under pressure from conservative activists, Republican governors are revisiting Common Core standards.

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Posted at 12:46 PM ET, 12/13/2013

Californians are turning on unions, poll shows

Fading support matches a national trend and declining membership in general.

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Posted at 02:33 PM ET, 12/02/2013

Casinos hold sway in 39 states, up from just two a few decades ago

What was the province of two states just decades ago is now available in nearly 40.

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Posted at 08:34 AM ET, 11/26/2013

States vie for Boeing jobs, after Machinists vote down contract extension

The Machinists union rejected a contract. Now Boeing is looking to move thousands of jobs elsewhere.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 11/25/2013

In 16 states, unemployment is at its lowest in at least four years

But the nation is still far from enjoying a full jobs recovery.

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Posted at 01:34 PM ET, 11/15/2013

These are the 15 gubernatorial races to watch for 2014

Democrats and Republicans split the 2013 gubernatorial races. Now it’s on to 2014, where Republicans are playing a lot of defense.

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Posted at 11:14 AM ET, 11/05/2013

Some states still don’t know where their borders lie

Two pairs of states need to answer an existential question: where does one end and the other begin?

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