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Posted at 08:50 AM ET, 01/17/2014

Population growth in New Mexico is approaching zero—and other bad signs

A presentation from one of the state’s top economists shows the dire state of the state.

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 01/09/2014

Rhode Island Session Preview: A tough ‘hangover’ awaits lawmakers

Ocean State voters may remember some of this year’s fights from 2013.

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Posted at 02:58 PM ET, 01/07/2014

Session Preview: Ohio could tackle economic, gun and election policies

Ohio’s legislature has a lot on its plate this year.

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Posted at 12:33 PM ET, 12/19/2013

A discrimination settlement was so big it skewed Mississippi’s income data

The $1.2 billion payout to black farmers pushed up income growth in the Magnolia state.

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 12/12/2013

The D.C. suburbs dominate the list of wealthiest U.S. counties

Among more than 3,000 counties across the nation, Loudoun County is the richest. Howard County in Maryland, and Fairfax, Arlington and Stafford counties in Virginia also made it into the top 10.

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Posted at 12:23 PM ET, 11/13/2013

Cities felt recession’s challenges well after recovery began

The nation’s largest cities felt the brunt of the recession long after state and federal governments.

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Posted at 06:02 AM ET, 10/08/2013

Oregon likely to try again on sales tax

Oregon’s budget took a hit when income rates fell during the recession. Now, sales taxes are on the table.

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Posted at 03:23 PM ET, 09/05/2013

Oregon governor eyeing session on pensions, taxes

Oregon. Gov. John Kitzhaber is renewing his push for a "grand bargain" on taxes and pensions.

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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 09/04/2013

North Carolina Republicans will aim to ax income tax

North Carolina Republican legislators will aim to eliminate the state's income tax in 2015.

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