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Posted at 05:07 PM ET, 01/23/2014

Republicans to tighten rules on primary calendar

The Republican National Committee will compress its presidential nominating contest.

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Posted at 03:17 PM ET, 01/21/2014

More than a third of Republicans in Oregon’s House are leaving, says report

The Oregonian reports on “an exodus of Republican lawmakers leaving at the end of next year.”

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 01/14/2014

GOPAC to name new legislative leaders

The long-time Republican farm team is picking new coaches.

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Posted at 09:07 AM ET, 12/18/2013

Wisconsin’s Walker thinking about ending income tax

The Wisconsin governor may be building a platform for a 2016 presidential bid.

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Posted at 01:08 PM ET, 12/11/2013

For Republicans, budget deal represents a defining moment

Republicans in Washington looking to reestablish supremacy over tea party supporters are banking on the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 12/10/2013

Michigan Republican: Gays want ‘free medical because they’re dying’

RNC member Dave Agema said gays want health-care benefits to cover AIDS medicine.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 11/27/2013

Is another Republican wave building?

The generic ballot favors Republicans, and Obama’s numbers are terrible. Democrats should be worried.

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Posted at 04:17 PM ET, 11/21/2013

Christie takes his star turn among Republican governors

At the annual RGA conference, it’s Chris Christie’s party.

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Posted at 12:57 PM ET, 11/21/2013

Expanding Medicaid could cloud some Republicans’ 2016 hopes

Chris Christie and John Kasich moved to expand Medicaid. Their rivals won’t forget that.

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Posted at 06:28 PM ET, 11/20/2013

Don’t count Mike Pence out of the 2016 race just yet

The Indiana governor hints that he’s not out of the 2016 running.

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Posted at 11:36 AM ET, 10/30/2013

GOP convention watch: Adelson vs. Koch brothers?

Las Vegas and Kansas City are two front-runners for the 2016 GOP convention, pitting mega-donors against each other.

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Posted at 11:26 AM ET, 10/22/2013

Democrats lead the generic ballot by 8. That’s not enough to win the majority

It would take a political wave to unseat the House GOP majority. The evidence suggests that wave isn’t building.

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Posted at 06:02 AM ET, 10/15/2013

When will Republicans have their Barry Goldwater moment?

Will the shutdown be the party’s impetus for change? It doesn’t look likely.

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Posted at 05:38 PM ET, 10/03/2013

The shutdown isn’t bad politics for GOP governors

Republicans on Capitol Hill see political peril in the shutdown. But for governors, the calculus is more complex.

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Posted at 06:01 AM ET, 10/02/2013

Shutdown highlights business’s waning influence on Republicans

An evolving Republican base puts more power in the hands of conservative activists, to the detriment of business interests.

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Posted at 06:01 AM ET, 09/08/2013

27 other things the North Carolina voting law changes

The Republican-backed election reform law changed a lot more than early voting and voter ID rules.

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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 09/04/2013

North Carolina Republicans will aim to ax income tax

North Carolina Republican legislators will aim to eliminate the state's income tax in 2015.

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