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Posted at 01:49 PM ET, 12/26/2012

#MyJihad: Campaign to amplify the voice of mainstream Muslims

Muslim American says before formal effort, he sought to properly define jihad via his actions.

By Qasim Rashid  |  01:49 PM ET, 12/26/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 12:55 PM ET, 12/24/2012

Pastor to spend Christmas in Iranian prison, imprisoned for his faith

Pressure must be placed on the Iranian regime to release Saeed Abedini, say lawyers.

By Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark  |  12:55 PM ET, 12/24/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 10:59 AM ET, 12/24/2012

Why (or how) should Muslim Americans ‘celebrate’ Christmas?

Serving mankind is a part of a Muslim’s faith, says author.

By Faheem Younus  |  10:59 AM ET, 12/24/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 12/18/2012

Muhammad: When bad things happen to good people, maintain trust in God

An Ahmadiyya Muslim Community member says the prophet offers view on God’s role amidst tragedy.

By Qasim Rashid  |  12:45 PM ET, 12/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 05:57 PM ET, 12/12/2012

The role of Islam and the possibility of Islam teaming up with China

Powerful factors point toward an alliance between Islamic nations and China, says author.

By Allan Topol  |  05:57 PM ET, 12/12/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 01:32 PM ET, 11/23/2012

Islamic new year must be one in which Muslims promote peace and unity

Turkish commentartor hopes for more understanding and cooperation this year.

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Posted at 06:17 PM ET, 11/09/2012

Why American Jews and Muslims backed Obama by huge margins

A rabbi and an imam hope America’s celebration of racial, ethnic and religious diversity is reasserting itself.

By Marc Schneier and Shamsi Ali  |  06:17 PM ET, 11/09/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  election 2012; campaign 2012; Rabbi Marc Schneier; Imam Shamsi Ali; faith; religion; politics; Islam; Judaism; American Muslims; American Jews

Posted at 04:44 PM ET, 11/07/2012

Anti-Muhammad movie protests and Arab Spring uprisings: Comparing apples to oranges

As Mideast regimes grapple with more urgent issues, rulers may not yet see free speech as a priority.

By Jocelyne Cesari  |  04:44 PM ET, 11/07/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 07:13 PM ET, 11/01/2012

After Vatican screening of ‘Muslim Scare’ video, a call for dialogue

Student thanks Islam for helping her to re-embrace the Gospel—the values of faith, hope, and love.

By Jordan Denari  |  07:13 PM ET, 11/01/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Islam; Muslims; Ctaholics; Vatican; Muslim-Catholic relations; New Evangelization

Posted at 03:32 PM ET, 10/12/2012

Jewish activist: ‘Hate speech must not be accepted as civil discourse’

Having my faith associated with hate speech placed on billboards on subways, I feel as alienated and stereotyped as I imagine Muslims do by being branded as terrorists.

By Edgar M. Bronfman  |  03:32 PM ET, 10/12/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Judaims; Islam; subway ads; Edgar Bronfman; hate speech

Posted at 06:10 PM ET, 10/11/2012

Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan: Does Islam give you a right to education?

Here’s my message to Malala: You are not alone. Millions of voices, including Americans, are with you.

By Faheem Younus  |  06:10 PM ET, 10/11/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 03:37 PM ET, 10/08/2012

Don’t deface anti-Muslim Metro ads

Responding with actions that foster lasting relationships and a sense of goodwill are far more effective.

By Nathan Lean  |  03:37 PM ET, 10/08/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 06:39 PM ET, 09/27/2012

Muslims: Keep calm and carry on

Outcry against NYC subway ads is understandable, but observers should also remain apathetic.

By Khurram Dara  |  06:39 PM ET, 09/27/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Islam; anti-Muslim subway ads; anti-Islam subway ads; Khurram Dara; Crecsent Directive; Islam; prophet Muhammad; Prophet Mohamed

Posted at 07:10 PM ET, 09/21/2012

Why Muslims hate America

Muslims in the East, like non-Muslim Americans in the West, both hate injustice. Peace is possible despite free speech differences.

By Qasim Rashid  |  07:10 PM ET, 09/21/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 10:40 AM ET, 09/21/2012

Pope Benedict: From Regensburg to Beirut

The two places connect in the unfolding narrative of the pontiff’s consideration of Islam and Christianity in the Arab world.

By Mathew N. Schmalz  |  10:40 AM ET, 09/21/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 01:23 PM ET, 09/19/2012

U.S. Muslims are not measured by the exemplary work of its mainstream

They’re judged by the destructive actions of the fringe. No other religion is measured in such a way.

By Jihad Turk and Salam Al-Marayati  |  01:23 PM ET, 09/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  American Muslims; Islam; Innocence of Muslims; anti-Islam film; Egyptian Coptic Christians; Coptic Christians; Copts; Jihad Turk; Salam Al-Marayati; Coptic Orthodox Christians; anti-Muslim

Posted at 06:22 PM ET, 09/18/2012

Sept. 11 terrorist attacks awakened us to a ‘battle for the soul of Islam’

We have a unique responsibility or calling both as Americans and as Muslims to lead that change now.

By M. Zuhdi Jasser  |  06:22 PM ET, 09/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Sept. 11, 2001; Sept. 11 terrorist attacks; M. Zuhdi Jasser; A Battle for the Soul of Islam; Islam; Prophet Muhammad

Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 09/18/2012

Prophet Muhammad is ‘the mercy to all worlds’ to Muslims: Egypt’s mufti

Inflammatory materials designed to offend contribute to tensions with no observable benefit.

By Ali Gomaa  |  12:45 PM ET, 09/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 07:31 PM ET, 09/13/2012

When free speech costs human life

OPINION | In the wake of reaction to an anti-Islam film and deadly embassy attacks, Muslims worldwide are put on trial to again condemn the violence—failure to do so is perceived as implicit approval.

By Qasim Rashid  |  07:31 PM ET, 09/13/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  John Christopher Stevens; attacks on U.S. embassies; Prophet Muhammad; Qasim Rashid; Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA; Islam; Muslims; Prophet Muhammad

Posted at 09:13 AM ET, 09/11/2012

Tolerance vs. Sept. 11 terrorism — a victory of pluralism over prejudice

Government, media and individuals who obscure Muslims’ freedoms are tearing U.S. apart.

By Qasim Rashid  |  09:13 AM ET, 09/11/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 05:49 PM ET, 08/29/2012

Not all Republicans are Islamophobes but all Islamophobes are Republicans

Islamophobia is the fruit of hysteria generated by pundits, funders, media conglomerates and politicians.

By Faheem Younus  |  05:49 PM ET, 08/29/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 04:12 PM ET, 08/22/2012

What is a fatwa? Who can give one?

Announcement by an Egyptian preacher draws attention to when such religious rulings are issued.

By Sheikh Musa Furber  |  04:12 PM ET, 08/22/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Imam Hashem Islam, fatwa, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, religious edict

Posted at 12:26 PM ET, 08/20/2012

As Ramadan comes to a close, Middle Tennessee Muslims worship in new mosque

Most Christians clearly wish the best for the center. For the rest, there seems to be an invitation.

By David Mason  |  12:26 PM ET, 08/20/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Islam, Middle Tennessee mosque, Midstate mosque, Muslims in Middle Tennessee Nashville, David Mason, Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 08/12/2012

In Conversation: Sikhism, Islam, and Hinduism

A chaplain, a peacemaker, and an advocate discuss similarities and differences between their faiths.

By Vineet Chander, Valarie Kaur and Najeeba Syed-Miller  |  12:15 PM ET, 08/12/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Valarie Kaur, Najeeba-Syed-Miller, Vineet Chander, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus

Posted at 04:53 PM ET, 07/26/2012

‘Bachmann affair’ against Clinton aide Huma Abedin is a wake-up call

A lesson is that in America today a culture of ignorance and anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry can target Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

By John L. Esposito  |  04:53 PM ET, 07/26/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Huma Abedin, Michele Bachmann, Islam, Muslim, John L. Esposito

Posted at 08:56 AM ET, 07/19/2012

Michele Bachmann vs. Huma Abedin: ‘The Ramadan Conspiracy’

For over a billion people worldwide, Ramadan serves as a time for self-reflection, gratitude, charity and atonement. Sounds suspicious, right?

By Arsalan Iftikhar  |  08:56 AM ET, 07/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  michele bachmann, muslim brotherhood, huma abedin, islam, ramadan

Posted at 03:59 PM ET, 07/18/2012

Ramadan etiquette guide: How to be a non-Muslim during the holy month

The customs of the Islamic holy month are familiar to its faithful, but what do non-Muslims need to know about the month of fasting?

By Asma Uddin and Shazia Kamal  |  03:59 PM ET, 07/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  ramadan, islam, muslims, fasting

Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 07/18/2012

Ramadan, a sacred time for reflection, sacrifice to Muslims and appreciation as non-Muslims

This is a prayerful time to consider what a more peaceful world might look like if we’d all prioritize periods of religious or non-religious purification

By Christopher L. Heuertz  |  06:30 AM ET, 07/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Ramadan, fasting, Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims

Posted at 06:04 PM ET, 06/03/2012

Faith in women

Interfaith dialogue among women is crucial for the healing of a country like Pakistan.

By Amineh Ahmed Hoti  |  06:04 PM ET, 06/03/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  women, pakistan, religon, islam, christianity, interfaith

Posted at 03:16 PM ET, 05/31/2012

Bin Laden’s personal letters reveal Muslims are part of the solution to securing the United States

Muslims are an important part of the solution to effectively combating violent extremism

By C. Welton Gaddy and Salam Al-Marayati  |  03:16 PM ET, 05/31/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 09:34 AM ET, 05/29/2012

For Ahmadiyya Muslims, another memorial day

What better way to honor those who have died while serving their nation or faith than to work to save the lives of others?

By Harris Zafar  |  09:34 AM ET, 05/29/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 11:20 AM ET, 03/22/2012

Saudi’s top sheikh: ‘Necessary to destroy all churches’

How can the highest recognized cleric in Saudi Arabia have completely abandoned such clear and direct commandments in the Koran? 

By Nasim Rehmatullah and Harris Zafar  |  11:20 AM ET, 03/22/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  islam, christianity, suadi arabia

Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 03/19/2012

Gingrich: Obama ‘crushes’ Christianity; appeases radical Islam

“Appeasing radical Islam whole while crushing Christianity and Judaism strikes me as exactly what’s wrong in America today,” Gingrich said at a campaign event.

By Georgetown/ On Faith  |  12:56 PM ET, 03/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 09:47 PM ET, 03/18/2012

Five reasons to stop questioning the president’s faith

That absurd question, “Do you think Barack Obama is a Muslim?” keeps nagging the American psyche.

By Faheem Younus  |  09:47 PM ET, 03/18/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 02/28/2012

Faiths clash at Jerusalem’s sacred site

Jerusalem’s Old City is divided into four quarters -- the Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim Quarters.

By Daniela Deane  |  12:45 PM ET, 02/28/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  life in the holy land, islam, judaism, israel, palestine

Posted at 12:34 PM ET, 02/23/2012

Koran burning crisis: Haven’t we been here before?

How could this happen again?

By Muqtedar Khan  |  12:34 PM ET, 02/23/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  koran burning, afghanistan, islam

Posted at 11:36 AM ET, 02/19/2012

70 years later, still blaming an ‘enemy within’

Decades after Japanese internment, irrational fear of internal enemies remains.

By Michael Honda  |  11:36 AM ET, 02/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  civil rights, japanese internment, islam