Guest Voices: Mitt Romney

Posted at 11:41 AM ET, 11/19/2012

U-Va. sociology professor: Parenting in red, blue and purple America

Cultural divides so evident in the political arena also extend to the family arena, says U-Va’s National Marriage Project director.

By W. Bradford Wilcox  |  11:41 AM ET, 11/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 05:08 PM ET, 11/13/2012

Mitt, Mormons, and the religious test that wasn’t

Romney’s candidacy moved the U.S. closer to the First Amendment promise of full religious freedom, says senior scholar at the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center.

By Charles C. Haynes  |  05:08 PM ET, 11/13/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 05:19 PM ET, 11/08/2012

What lies ahead for the Mormons?

Historians may look back on 2012 as the beginning of the real emergence of American Mormons, says church spokesman Michael Otterson.

By Michael Otterson  |  05:19 PM ET, 11/08/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 05:42 PM ET, 11/07/2012

Election results reveal God is winning

A Mormon woman says the election has brought her faith out of obscurity and established it as a mainstream Christian religion.

By Kathryn Skaggs  |  05:42 PM ET, 11/07/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 07:11 PM ET, 11/05/2012

Why we are voting for President Obama: Nine Mormon women speak

Immigration, health care and foreign policy are among reasons they want to re-elect Obama.

By Joanna Brooks  |  07:11 PM ET, 11/05/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 12:33 PM ET, 11/05/2012

Hopeful for explicit discussion from White House on religious diversity

How America engages its own religious diversity, and how it encourages interfaith cooperation for the rest of the world, matter a great deal right now.

By Eboo Patel  |  12:33 PM ET, 11/05/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 04:03 PM ET, 11/04/2012

Not fasting and praying for a Romney win: A Mormon LGBT ally speaks

Instead of observing Fast Sunday, writer prays with group concerned about the LGBTQ community.

By Catherine Jeppsen  |  04:03 PM ET, 11/04/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 04:51 PM ET, 11/02/2012

Roger Williams goes Baptist on legendary evangelist Billy Graham

Writer wonders how Baptist preacher who advocated against religious tyranny would feel about the longtime evangelist.

By Becky Garrison  |  04:51 PM ET, 11/02/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 08:43 PM ET, 10/25/2012

The family man campaign

Obama’s and Romney’s devotion to their families is rooted in their respective faith experiences.

By Daniel Allott  |  08:43 PM ET, 10/25/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Presient Obama; Mitt Romney; Governor Romney; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney; President Barack Obama; Michelle Obama; Ann Romney; Daniel Allott; American Values

Posted at 04:10 PM ET, 10/19/2012

Mormon says he’ll miss ‘cult’ lifestyle

By taking Mormons off of his cult list, Billy Graham has given a Memphis professor a priceless gift.

By David Mason  |  04:10 PM ET, 10/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 12:55 PM ET, 10/02/2012

Why attacking Iran may give Obama a third term in the White House

Mission seekers, don’t push war agenda during Obama and Romney’s presidential debates.

By Faheem Younus  |  12:55 PM ET, 10/02/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Election 2012; presidential debates; Iran; 22nd Amendment; President Obama; Mitt Romney; politics; presidential election; economy

Posted at 01:55 PM ET, 10/01/2012

In presidential debates, will Obama, Romney address matters of faith?

If the 2008 debates offer any clue as to how often faith and values themes will surface during Wednesday’s Obama/Romney showdown then we can expect this: near total silence about religious issues.

By Jacques Berlinerblau  |  01:55 PM ET, 10/01/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  grid, Presidential debate, Mitt Romney, President Obama, President Barack Obama, presidential debates, election 2012, campaign 2012

Posted at 05:39 PM ET, 09/28/2012

Theologian questions how ex-Mormon bishop’s daughter casts church in book

Mormon theologian disputes author’s stance that Romney’s faith should be troubling to voters.

By Robert L. Millet  |  05:39 PM ET, 09/28/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mitt Romney; Mormons; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; LDS Church; Tricia Erickson; Robert L. Millet

Posted at 05:56 PM ET, 09/26/2012

Romney sells to the wrong voters

To woo Catholics and mainline Protestants, Romney has to drop policy of uneasy silence on faith.

By David Mason  |  05:56 PM ET, 09/26/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mitt Romney; Mormons; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; evangelical bloc; mainline Protestants; Catholics

Posted at 04:10 PM ET, 09/04/2012

Political discourse: a family affair

A reunion of relatives who hail from Amish and Mennonite preachers turns into a political convention.

By Michael Shank  |  04:10 PM ET, 09/04/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 04:07 PM ET, 09/01/2012

Taking America back to greatness

Main focus of the RNC was on employment, but it also touched on restoring the nation’s greatness.

By Jordan Sekulow  |  04:07 PM ET, 09/01/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Republican National Convention; Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan; Jordan Sekulow; faith and values; Religious Right Now

Posted at 02:02 PM ET, 08/31/2012

God and man in Tampa

ESSAY | Which is it? We did it all by ourselves, or do we rely on God?

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  02:02 PM ET, 08/31/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  RNClive; Republican National Convention; GOP platform; Republican Platform; Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan

Posted at 05:10 PM ET, 08/30/2012

An appeal to see Romney’s softer side

In his personal life, one encounters the most compelling aspect of his character - his generosity.

By Gary Bauer and Daniel Allott  |  05:10 PM ET, 08/30/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 01:59 PM ET, 08/30/2012

Mike Huckabee triangulates his endorsement of Mitt Romney

Perhaps the only false note in his speech was referring to Obama as a “self-professed evangelical.”

By Jacques Berlinerblau  |  01:59 PM ET, 08/30/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Republican National Convention; RNClive; Mike Huckabee; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Mitt Romney; Paul Ryan

Posted at 08:34 PM ET, 08/28/2012

A woman’s life is a human life: a theological error in the GOP platform?

Some in the party may indeed consider women human, but they are not the people crafting policy.

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  08:34 PM ET, 08/28/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, RNC, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, war on women, GOP Platform; RNClive

Posted at 12:50 PM ET, 08/16/2012

The VP pick

Rabbi David Wolpe reflects in verse about process to select one.

By David Wolpe  |  12:50 PM ET, 08/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 02:27 PM ET, 08/12/2012

The Icemen Cometh: Romney-Ryan and the future of compassion in America

This national election has now become a referendum on whether we will choose the value of selfishness or of compassion.

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  02:27 PM ET, 08/12/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Romney-Ryan, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Posted at 11:33 AM ET, 08/10/2012

Obama’s ‘war on religion’: Breaking down Romney’s new attack ad

What we need to figure out is why the GOP nominee is now pursuing this line of attack and whether it will be effective.

By Jacques Berlinerblau  |  11:33 AM ET, 08/10/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  religious freedom, 'war on religion' ad, Mitt Romney, President Obama, Jacques Berlinerblau

Posted at 06:41 PM ET, 08/06/2012

Mitt Romney and Mormon culture

What Romney has to say about Israel and Palestine—well-informed and well-considered, or not—demonstrates that we should be talking about the candidates’ religions.

By David Mason  |  06:41 PM ET, 08/06/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mitt Romney, Israel, Mormons, David Mason

Posted at 06:32 PM ET, 07/30/2012

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem: Romney, Israel and the future of peace

From “gaffes” about British preparedness for the Olympic Games to the “capital” of Israel remark, the overarching paradigm for Romney abroad is America as the world’s CEO.

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  06:32 PM ET, 07/30/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Jerusalem, Israel, Palestinians

Posted at 10:22 AM ET, 07/17/2012

Mormons: An all-American success story?

They are an all-American religion in every traditional sense. Why then does suspicion of the faith persist?

By Stephen Mansfield  |  10:22 AM ET, 07/17/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  mormons, lds church, mitt romney

Posted at 09:49 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Mormons and non-Mormons alike should regard Businessweek story as harbinger of salvation

The LDS Church —an institution of devilishly clever and hellishly successful economic strategies— is poised to rescue the country from financial ruin.

By David Mason  |  09:49 PM ET, 07/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mormonism, Mormons, LDS Church, Mitt Romney

Posted at 09:47 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Romney, Obamacare and Mormonism

What Romney does and does not as president (should he get there) will surely be pushed more by politics than by his faith

By David Mason  |  09:47 PM ET, 07/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mormonism, Mormons, LDS Church, Mitt Romney

Posted at 04:20 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Romney’s ‘management’ at Bain: ‘In the beginning was the Word’

Romney has made “management” into a hollow word.

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  04:20 PM ET, 07/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  mitt romney, bain capital

Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 07/11/2012

Mormonism and the cult of name-calling

Are Mormons normal enough that one of them could be trusted to be president?

By D.T. Bell and Ryan Bell  |  01:44 PM ET, 07/11/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 01:34 PM ET, 06/26/2012

Romney’s veep nominee: Would a Mormon-Catholic ticket turn blue states red?

Ideally religion should not be a part of any such equation. Yet politics is the ultimate reflection of human nature. Religion counts.

By Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell  |  01:34 PM ET, 06/26/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  Mitt Romney, Catholics

Posted at 08:06 AM ET, 05/30/2012

What Mormon women want

Mormon women know that Mitt Romney’s candidacy will bring intense scrutiny of our faith.

By Joanna Brooks  |  08:06 AM ET, 05/30/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  lds, mormonism, mitt romney, religion politics

Posted at 08:03 AM ET, 05/30/2012

Is 2012 good for the Mormons?

Do the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really want assimilation?

By Matthew Bowman  |  08:03 AM ET, 05/30/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  lds, mormons, mitt romney

Posted at 10:38 AM ET, 05/29/2012

Will Romney trump ‘birtherism’?

“Birtherism” itself is a troubling ethical failure that reveals how deeply divided Americans are on race despite their religious views that each person is created by God.

By Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  |  10:38 AM ET, 05/29/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
Tags:  religion, race, mitt romney, donald trump

Posted at 01:48 PM ET, 04/16/2012

How Romney should talk about religion

Can the Mormon candidate talk about his values, but not doctrine?

By Jacques Berlinerblau  |  01:48 PM ET, 04/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 03:29 PM ET, 03/19/2012

Mitt Romney mirrors his Mormon church

Will Romney’s adaptive survival instinct, the same one that has helped his LDS church thrive, ever assuage GOP voters yearning for a pure candidate?

By Neal Chandler  |  03:29 PM ET, 03/19/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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