Guest Voices: church and state

Posted at 01:23 PM ET, 12/27/2012

Faith-based procrastination: Religious job bias in taxpayer-funded program

The government should not fund efforts to use religion to discriminate, says advocate of separation of church and state.

By Barry W. Lynn  |  01:23 PM ET, 12/27/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 04:26 PM ET, 05/31/2012

Does this candidate have a prayer?

Why would a liberal, Yankee, Jewish atheist like me run for governor of South Carolina?

By Herb Silverman  |  04:26 PM ET, 05/31/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 06:03 PM ET, 05/16/2012

In Giles County school, will Ten Commandments stay or go?

Do the Ten Commandments have a place in public school?

By Charles C. Haynes  |  06:03 PM ET, 05/16/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 06:14 PM ET, 04/04/2012

State lawmakers bring church/state fight to schools

Contrary to culture war mythology, God is alive and well in many, if not most, public schools.

By Charles C. Haynes  |  06:14 PM ET, 04/04/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 02:26 PM ET, 02/28/2012

What JFK really said about separating church from state

Rather than condemn Kennedy’s speech, perhaps Santorum, a fellow Catholic, should say “thank you.”

By Charles C. Haynes  |  02:26 PM ET, 02/28/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 02/23/2012

In New York City, does church-school separation go too far?

When taken too far, “separation” sends a message of government hostility toward religion.

By Charles Haynes  |  02:38 PM ET, 02/23/2012 |  Permalink  |  Comments ( 0)
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