In the Loop: Congress

Posted at 02:02 PM ET, 06/25/2013

Congressional fundraising frenzy kicks into high gear

Grazing opportunities galore this week.

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 05/13/2013

Dodd-Frank reform act: how it happened

A new book, Act of Congress, tells how Congress responded to the Great Crash of 2008.

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Posted at 03:02 PM ET, 04/05/2013

Panetta political dynasty taking shape?

Former representative Leon Panetta’s son is talking about running for Congress.

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Posted at 04:14 PM ET, 10/30/2012

Rep. Scott DesJarlais: doing the impossible

A detractor says DesJarlais has embarrassed Congress.

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Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 08/02/2012

Congress flies to rescue the euro zone

Lawmakers are taking off for a week of talks with finance ministers and bankers in Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Posted at 05:53 PM ET, 07/11/2012

Pentagon and House committee exchange fire

Pentagon effort to reduce reports to the Hill prompts rebuke from House committee chairman.

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Posted at 02:49 PM ET, 06/20/2012

Eric Holder’s contempt vote: He’s hardly the first

Attorney General Eric Holder would be joining a long list of well-known officials from prior administrations who lost committee — or even full House or Senate — contempt votes.

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Posted at 01:21 PM ET, 05/22/2012

9/11 Memorial still short of funds

The Shanksville, Pa., memorial to those on Flight 93 whose bravery saved the Capitol on 9/11 is still looking to raise $8 million from private donors.

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Posted at 06:24 PM ET, 05/15/2012

Codels to Asia, anyone?

Two groups of House members are off to Asia during next week’s recess.

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Posted at 05:13 PM ET, 05/02/2012

Vilsack v. Vilsack: Playing chicken

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and his wife, Christie, now running for Congress in Iowa, may not be on the same side over his department’s proposal to privatize poultry inspections.

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Posted at 01:38 PM ET, 03/28/2012

Bobby Rush: A hoodie in the House? Someday, it might be all good.

Rep. Bobby Rush’s headline-making hoodie might someday be no biggie.

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