In the Loop: Lyndon Johnson

Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 06/19/2013

Eric Holder: Echoes of other Washington officials?

No politican or government official likes to step down if doing so might give critics comfort.

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Posted at 03:09 PM ET, 04/04/2013

Lyndon Johnson still a no-show at the White House Egg Roll

The Johnson Library offers proof that The Loop was right in the first place.

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Posted at 02:26 PM ET, 04/02/2013

President Lyndon Johnson did indeed attend an Easter Egg Roll

Turns out he was there at least in 1964 — and we have the photo.

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Posted at 04:10 PM ET, 11/09/2012

Obama and the press: an inauspicious start

This president, unlike some of his predecessors, declines to hold press conference right after reelection.

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