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Posted at 12:26 PM ET, 03/12/2013

Larry Craig on Senate business during airport sex-sting arrest?

Former senator seeks to avoid repaying $217,000 in campaign funds he used to defend against charges.

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Posted at 01:52 PM ET, 01/08/2013

Obama’s presidential vote count historic

IN THE LOOP | Not many pollsters predicted the nearly 4-point victory.

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Posted at 04:20 PM ET, 09/19/2012

BACKGROUND CHECK: FEC Chairman Caroline Hunter

Meet Caroline Hunter, who heads the agency tasked with overseeing all those pesky campaign-finance rules.

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Posted at 12:02 PM ET, 09/13/2012

Romney’s bad patch doesn’t mean it’s over (Loop contest)

Recent polls and criticism of Romney’s attack on Obama as kowtowing to anti-American Muslims can be overcome. The race is open and so is the Loop Contest to pick the winner.

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Posted at 03:34 PM ET, 09/12/2012

Florida’s chads or chad, hanging either way

Is chad singular or plural?

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Posted at 02:19 PM ET, 05/14/2012

Obama campaign fires up coal industry

The 2012 campaign Web site had neglected to give include coal as part of Obama’s “All of the above” energy policy. Now it does.

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Posted at 01:52 PM ET, 04/12/2012

DHS, FEMA, TSA flacks moving on

Considerable movement of late at the agencies that make you take off your shoes at airports, give you half a border fence and offer hazardous trailers for hurricane victims.

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Posted at 09:46 AM ET, 01/30/2012

Mitt Romney’s candidate jeans, the delegate dance, and Jeb Bush is funny (read-this roundup)

In this morning’s Loop roundup, we learn the calculation behind Mitt Romney’s jeans, explore the race for delegates, and discover Jeb Bush’s funnybone.

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