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Posted at 05:02 AM ET, 11/04/2013

My day as a Fairfax County firefighter: I could do that if I were smarter, stronger and braver

A journalist gets a hands-on taste of what firefighters deal with every day.

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Posted at 05:07 AM ET, 08/29/2013

In Fairfax, cameras in the Pham murder trial: Not intrusive, but did they affect the sentence?

Lawyers for the defendant say they didn't call witnesses who didn't want to be on camera, possibly affecting his sentence

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Posted at 05:03 AM ET, 07/29/2013

Fairfax judge allows cameras in a trial for the first time since 1994, and that's a good thing

A video and a still camera will be allowed in the trial of the man accused of killing 19-year-old Vanessa Pham.

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Posted at 05:31 AM ET, 06/20/2013

The Fauquier Times-Democrat removes 'Democrat' from its name after 108 years

The newspaper doesn't want to affiliate with either party, but particularly one that is not particularly popular in Fauquier County.

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Posted at 10:17 AM ET, 06/04/2013

Could Donnie Simpson return to D.C.'s airwaves?

Donnie Simpson, the original "Green Eyed Bandit" of urban radio, says he's looking to make a comeback to the airwaves.

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Posted at 05:02 AM ET, 05/20/2013

Oakton's John Cochran wins 'Survivor' show, and $1 million

Longtime fan of the show wins a unanimous verdict on his second attempt.

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