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Posted at 04:05 PM ET, 11/25/2013

The Washington area is a great place to rent homes to hipsters

If you’re looking to rent homes to hipsters (yes, we said hipsters, just keep going), the D.C. region is home to four good zip codes for that.

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Posted at 05:30 PM ET, 10/03/2013

Federal prosecutors seek hugely reduced sentence for Mark Dain, oversaw massive fraud

Facing a possible sentence of seven to nine years in prison, federal prosecutors seek massive reduction for ringleader’s sentence.

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Posted at 05:02 AM ET, 07/12/2013

Mark Dain, ringleader of huge fraud scheme that swindled Fairfax teachers, pleads guilty

The founder of a firm which sold hundreds of vacant lots in the Carolinas with "no money down" is prosecuted five years after the scheme collapsed.

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Posted at 06:16 AM ET, 06/18/2013

Your own piece of Mount Vernon, for $25 million. Some fix-up may be required.

STATE OF NOVA | Mansion on Washington’s former estate is “poised for modern renovations.”

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