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Posted at 02:55 PM ET, 01/29/2014

How the partial death of the filibuster will shape the federal courts

How will the partial death of judicial filibusters affect the composition of the federal courts? New research sheds light on the potential impact of the Senate’s nuclear move.

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Posted at 02:03 PM ET, 11/24/2013

Fate of the filibuster in a post-nuclear Senate

Why did the Democrats go nuclear and with what consequence for the future of the filibuster?

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Posted at 08:57 AM ET, 10/10/2013

Do Americans approve of the filibuster? Depends who is filibustering .

Research shows how attitudes towards the filibuster shift based on why it is being used: Partisanship reigns supreme.

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Posted at 04:26 PM ET, 09/27/2013

The Senate can help Republicans choose their presidential nominee

The GOP could scrap its entire presidential primary system in favor of a trial-by-endurance system of concurrent filibusters on the Senate floor.

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Posted at 03:32 PM ET, 09/27/2013

Filibusters and unicorns explained

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