Nationals Journal: Replay

Posted at 01:57 AM ET, 04/13/2014

Jayson Werth pinch hits, Matt Williams frustrated at instant replay and other notes

Werth ran during batting practice and shagged flyballs, and said he was available to play.

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Posted at 05:04 PM ET, 04/10/2014

A word about replay reviews on the Nationals Park video board

The Nats weren’t showed replay reviews on their video board, but now they are.

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Posted at 01:28 PM ET, 04/07/2014

The challenge of baseball’s instant replay system

Two reviews this weekend raised two different problems with MLB’s new instant replay system.

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Posted at 03:50 PM ET, 04/05/2014

Justin Upton could have picked up that ball. Does that matter?

Did Justin Upton have enough room to pick up Ian Desmond’s eventual ground-rule double? Definitely, yes. Does that matter? Well, that’s trickier.

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Posted at 08:53 PM ET, 03/31/2014

Matt Williams loses first replay challenge

The Nationals manager lost his first instant replay challenge on a close play in the 10th inning.

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Posted at 10:10 PM ET, 03/16/2014

Nationals continue to struggle holding baserunners -- and other notes

Also, Doug Fister will throw in a minor league game on Monday.

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Posted at 10:11 AM ET, 02/23/2014

Matt Williams briefed on MLB’s new instant replay system

The Nationals manager outlines what he learned about baseball’s new challenge system.

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Posted at 12:16 PM ET, 02/04/2014

Matt Williams on the new instant replay system

The Nationals’ new manager likes the new system but admits it will take some time to adjust to its nuances.

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